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6degrees_j3's Journal

Where one character is never enough...
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Fic, Vid & Discussion featuring any character played by the actors who play our beloved Winchesters
6 degrees of J3-- Which means we want to see fic with any character Jeff, Jensen, or Jared have played. Any character is fair game. This is open to include rps fic with any or all of the Js.

It's been said before, Supernatural is the fandom that drives people to break all their own rules. The leading men of SPN have lead us into reading stuff we never would have before.

Any genre is welcomed: het, gen, slash, and fem slash, as long as at least one (if not more...we do like the pretty of more than one J) of the guys is in the fic--BUT remember label, label, label!!!

What is allowed? Chat of episodes (behind a cut), SPOILERS labeled and behind a cut, plot bunnies, challenges, related pic spams are all encouraged.

Please do not join if you are not 18 or over. By joining, you are stating that you are legal age and old enough to read/discuss the adult topics/fanfic here.

Introductions are lovely & a great way for everyone to get to know each other. Who’s your favorite, Winchester—why? Favorite J character in another show outside of SPN? Do you read/write? Favorite pairings? Pairings you’d like to see written? What show/character/pairings need to be represented—you’re interested in writing/reading?

House Rules:

1)SPOILERS labeled and behind a cut--disrespecting the group will get you Banned!
2) No spamming/trolling--violators will be Banned.
3) No flaming, or character/genre bashing in any form!!!
4) All pairings are accepted, but MUST be labeled if you don't like a certain pairing because it involves slash/het/threesomes/incest--don't read it, respecting everyone's preference is GOLD!
5) All fic must be accompanied with a header & labeled correctly

fic, pics, spoilers, chat etc here….

6) List ALL Warnings: i.e. Pairings/genre, incest (refer to rule 4), bestiality, underage, violence, non con etc... PLEASE label & respect a person's right if they DON'T want to read something. And if you’re not sure, PLEASE ask the mods.

7) The Fic, disclaimer, notes etc, behind an LJ cut! This is more than common courtesy folks.
8) Pictures/icons are accepted—keep in mind no matter what show/movie it must focus on one of the main men Jared, Jeff, Jensen and placed behind a cut—Also a warning label in the subject line if it’s not work safe, or dial-up friendly

Side note: any & all rules subjected to change at mods whim…

OK that's it for now--main thing is to have FUN :-)