D (denyce) wrote in 6degrees_j3,

Hey... knocking again

Hey, so I left came back, said I'd start posting then left again, wtf? You know RL reared its ugly head. The biggest scare was my mom was in the hospital at the same time my brother went in for surgery. I was bobbing back and forth between hospitals, then moved in with mom---anyhoo, I'm just now coming out of my self-induced hermitness (not a word, I know). During all that chaos I was surprised I continued to write. Actually I was hanging on to it, as it was the only thing grounding me--still is :)

That said I'll be spamming--posting links to most the fic I've written/posted on my LJ, plus any older bits I didn't post before. Also to any challenges, and other comms to pimp. If you know of something a comm./challenge, or want to rec a fic, vid etc please do post.

Also note I'm working on another bigbang--Dark Angel and should have a post/link to it mid Dec... if I fail and don't, please poke me (big heavy stick- its all good *eg*)

Okay will be back in sec to post a fic/rec/pimp separately
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