D (denyce) wrote in 6degrees_j3,

Pimp... Dark Angel & other scifi-fantasy shows/fandoms

Okay just found out about this one... posting prompts end on the 17th. Then from Dec 1 to the 21st comm members post (minimum word length 100) drabbles to ficlets (max word length 2000). No RPS, but Dark Angel, and Supernatural are both a go along with slue of other scifi/fantasy fandoms. You don't have to write, just prompt, or send me your prompts to possibly add them... I'd just need them before Nov 17. I know in a couple of days, but I did just discover the comm. If you miss that date and do have prompts still post/send them to me--it might inspire me or someone else here. To check it out click on banner ;)

consci_fan_mo 2009
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